Treatment Of Motor Vehicle Injuries in Portland OR

Auto Injuries in Portland OR

Motor vehicle injuries can wreak havoc on your musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems, even if they occur at low speeds. Fortunately, you can recover from these auto injuries in Portland the safe, natural way by visiting Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC.

Our Portland Chiropractor Can Help You Heal

  • Whiplash and neck pain - Whiplash is well named for the whip-like way your head flies backward and forward in an auto accident. Whiplash damages the neck tissues to produce stiffness and pain; it can also push cervical vertebrae out of alignment and pinch nerves, causing everything from dizzy spells and "brain fog" to shoulder and arm pain.
  • Headaches - Headaches are another common result of whiplash, the result of muscle spasms in the neck and impinged cervical nerves. But the same motion that causes whiplash can also produce a concussion, another common source of headache pain.
  • Leg pain - Leg pain following an auto accident may be due to sciatica. A herniated disc or other dislocated structure pushing against your sciatic nerve may cause leg pain, low back pain, and leg/foot tingling and numbness.
  • Back pain - A herniated lumbar disc isn't the only way you can hurt your back in a vehicular accident. If your seat belt restrains your body on one side only, the other side may fly forward and twist the entire spinal column, damaging muscles, tendons, ligaments and spinal joints.
  • Knee pain - If you bash your knee against the dashboard in an vehicular impact, the resulting tissue damage can cause intense knee pain, swelling, and possible accumulation of scar tissue to limit knee motion.

Portland Chiropractor Has the Key for Your Recovery

Chiropractic treatment can relieve many of the symptoms associated with your auto accident injury. Our Portland chiropractor will first perform a detailed evaluation if your spine, symptoms and baseline health to produce an accurate diagnosis. She can then administer chiropractic adjustments to correct your joint motion, vertebral alignment and disc position.

Dr. Stuart typically employs other safe, natural healing alongside chiropractic care for your auto accident injury treatment. For instance, massage therapy not only helps you heal your injured soft tissues more rapidly, but it also relieves your muscle pain, swelling and inflammation. Trigger point therapy is another form of manual soft tissue manipulation aimed at relieving trigger points, specific knots of tight muscle that refer pain to other parts of the body. Gentle stretches and other corrective exercises can help you restore your body's flexibility, stability and strength safely and non-surgically, while therapeutic techniques such as electro-stimulation and cold laser therapy ease your pain and speed healing.

Don't Wait for Symptoms, Call for Auto Injury Treatment

Post-accident adrenaline can cause motor vehicle injury symptoms to be delayed for days or weeks. Don't assume you're okay until your body emits a painful cry for help; call our chiropractor to schedule an evaluation!

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