Three things to ask before you get Physical Therapy in Portland

Physical Therapy in Portland OR

Physical therapy in Portland, Oregon can help you overcome physical ailments, improve posture, and strengthen muscles. It is beneficial for aiding in healing after an auto injury, sports injury, or personal injury. Here at Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC we offer medically certified physical therapy. Consider how our physical therapist can best assist you.

Can I reduce back pain or neck pain using Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is ideal for treating neck pain and back pain, as well as nerve pain. We provide individualized treatment to resolve pain. Whether the pain is due to a misalignment of your musculoskeletal system, inflamed muscles, or weakened muscles, your physical therapist can help you overcome this pain.

Why should I go to a Physical Therapist in conjunction with a Chiropractor?

The overall goal for physical therapy is to improve your muscle strength, balance, coordination, and endurance. This is in line with chiropractic care. However, your physical therapist is more focused on improving your fitness level and physical abilities. By seeing a physical therapist who works in conjunction with a chiropractic doctor, you benefit from dual -treatment. Your chiropractor can help realign your body so that you get more out of your physical therapy.

Does Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC offer a holistic approach to Physical Therapy?

Yes, we do use a holistic approach to help you improve your health and wellness more efficiently. By combining nutritional counseling and corrective exercises with physical therapy, you benefit from faster healing. Dr. Stuart will create a personalized treatment plan that revolves around your physical therapy services for the best outcome via chiropractic care.

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Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC is your Portland chiropractic offering physical therapy services. If you are suffering from a personal injury or want to use physical therapy to improve your wellbeing, we can assist you. We provide care for patients in Happy Valley, Oregon City, Beaverton, Gresham, Clackamas, and Tigard, Oregon, as well as Vancouver, Washington. Contact our office to schedule your physical therapy appointment. We are currently offering an introductory massage for only $50 for one hour.

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