Physical Therapy FAQs in Portland OR

Physical Therapy FAQs in Portland OR

If you're surprised to see a chiropractic center offering physical therapy in Portland, you may be wondering what's so special about this form of care, how it fits into a larger holistic treatment program -- and most of all, what it can do for you. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about physical therapy at the office of Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC.

  • What is physical therapy? Physical therapy is use non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical methods to help you regain flexibility, balance and/or strength lost to an injury or illness. Active physical therapy involves the performance of specialized exercises, while passive physical therapy makes use of heat, cold, ultrasound, and other healing techniques.
  • What kinds of problems are treated through physical therapy? Physical therapy is commonly prescribed to treat neck pain, back pain, chronic postural weakness or other muscle weakness, balance problems and coordination impairment. These conditions may be the result of an acute injury, major surgery, a chronic degenerative condition or a recent health crisis such as a stroke.
  • How can physical therapy alleviate my pain due to an auto accident? Auto accident care may include physical therapy exercises to rebuild and mobilize torn muscles in your neck, back, and extremities. Massage therapy may be prescribed to loosen tight muscles, relieve pain and speed soft tissue healing.
  • How can physical therapy alleviate other causes of pain? Physical therapy can keep joints and soft tissues flexible and functional, relieving arthritis and other forms of chronic pain. The more you move, the less you'll hurt!
  • Why does physical therapy complement Portland chiropractic care? Conditions that affect your spinal alignment can also create muscle strain and neurological dysfunction. An injury that damages the musculoskeletal system may require both chiropractic care and physical therapy to help you rehabilitate properly.
  • How does your Portland chiropractor combine physical therapy with other forms of healing? Our Portland chiropractor puts multiple healing modalities to work for your benefit. In addition to chiropractic adjustment, massage, and physical therapy, your program may include cold laser therapy, nutritional counseling, lifestyle/postural counseling and other helpful aids to recovery.
  • How long are physical therapy sessions? While a session can last less than an hour, you will most likely need multiple sessions over a period of weeks. But our combination of physical therapy with other treatments can help you heal as efficiently as possible.
  • How can I contact Dr. Stuart to schedule a chiropractic appointment? Call our Portland chiropractor to schedule a consultation and see whether you need physical therapy, some other form of care or both. Don't forget to take advantage of our new client special offers, including $50 for a 1-hour introductory massage!

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