Neck Pain Management in Portland OR

Neck Pain Management in Portland OR

Neck pain often stems from cervical spinal misalignments and muscle strain brought about by acute injuries (such as whiplash), poor posture or degenerative joint disorders. The good news is that you don't have to live with this disabling agony. Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC can successfully treat neck pain in Portland using a variety of natural, non-surgical treatment methods, including:

  • Chiropractic Therapy - Chiropractic therapy can correct cervical alignment problems. Once your neck vertebrae and discs are properly aligned, nerve pressure and muscle strain decreases. Our chiropractor may prescribe either the Diversified technique, a traditional chiropractic modality useful for a wide range of conditions, or the Thompson technique, a method that utilizes a specialized table to help us identify and treat sources of neck or back pain.
  • Massage Therapy - Massage therapy can help your neck in multiple ways. The loosening and relaxation of neck muscles can relieve chronic pain and stiffness while also making cervical chiropractic adjustments that much easier. If your neck has sustained a soft tissue injury, massage therapy can enhance the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the injured tissues, relieving pain while promoting faster healing.
  • Physical Therapy - Physical therapy can help you regain pain-free flexibility in your neck. If you've been sidelined with a sports injury or whiplash, for instance, you may need to rehabilitate injured muscles and connective tissues, especially those have become atrophied from lack of use. Since cervical problems can also cause muscle weakness in the hands or arms, those areas may benefit from physical therapy too.
  • Wellness Care - Many of the issues that cause neck pain are preventable -- that's why our chiropractor recommends wellness care to help you maintain a higher standard of health and comfort. Our preventative wellness recommendations may include periodic spinal screenings (which lets us catch and correct little problems before they turn into big ones), ergonomic changes at work to prevent neck strain, the occasional massage to keep neck-wrenching stress at bay, and ongoing exercises to keep your neck strong and supple.
  • Pain Management - It's all too easy for neck pain sufferers to be talked into regular consumption of painkillers, which only mask the symptoms temporarily and may pose worries of their own, or even major neck surgery, which in many cases isn't necessary. If you have chronic neck pain, let our chiropractor evaluate the cause and treat it through natural means such as spinal adjustment, massage therapy and physical therapy.

Neck Pain Treatment for Portland

Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC provides natural, non-surgical neck pain treatment for Portland. Don't let your life become one big pain in the neck.

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