Massage Therapy in Portland OR

Massage Therapy in Portland OR

If you know people who wear by regular sessions with their massage therapist in Portland, you may be wondering why this admittedly soothing luxury should make such a huge difference in their lives. In fact, massage therapy provides much more than a time to relax and feel pampered -- it's a powerful health and wellness practice that can speed healing, relieve discomfort without painkillers and even help prevent illnesses. That is why our chiropractor, Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC, frequently prescribes massage therapy in Portland in support of spinal adjustment and other healing modalities.

There are actually many different types of massage therapy, and each massage therapist on our 4-person massage therapy team has mastered several of them. The techniques range from the light strokes of Swedish massage to the concentrated pressure employed in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. This variety of approaches makes massage therapy in Portland an amazingly flexible resource for treating both acute and chronic conditions. The overall benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Relief of back and neck pain
  • Pain relief and edema control in pregnant women
  • Increased flexibility and range of joint motion
  • Faster injury healing
  • Reduction in stress and depression
  • Loosening of tight or strained muscles
  • Muscle spasm relief
  • Drug-free migraine and tension headache relief

Massage makes a perfect complement to chiropractic adjustment because of its ability to loosen muscles and relieve tension in the body, which makes the musculoskeletal system much more amenable to chiropractic adjustment. Massage also aids chiropractic care in normalizing nerve response, relieving pain and maintaining wellness. For instance, we may prescribe Swedish massage to help you lower your stress levels and boost your lymph flow, both of which can help improve your immune response and keep you well. If you suffer from fibromyalgia or another condition that creates painful muscle knots, we may prescribe periodic trigger point therapy to control your symptoms. If your tissues are trapped by old scar tissue, we may apply deep tissue therapy to remove that pain and stiffness.

Massage therapy in Portland is also great for anyone whose bodies are undergoing unusual strain. This may include pregnant women who require gentle massage to relieve their aches and pains, seniors coping with chronic arthritis or athletes who need to keep their muscles loose and healthy.

Massage Therapy in Portland Can Help

Now that you know about some of the powerful benefits to be had from massage therapy in Portland, you will undoubtedly want to explore this natural healing modality for yourself -- and our chiropractor wants to make this introductory step even easier for you. That's why our clinic extends a special one-time offer of $50 for a 1-hour introductory session with a massage therapist on our staff. Take advantage of this opportunity to find out how massage therapy can improve your health, your comfort and your quality of life!

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