Why Ignoring Whiplash Can Cause Years of Pain in Portland

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Bodies are resilient. And the spine is meant to flex and bend, to stretch and return to its normal alignment, giving years of reliable service. It is composed of literally hundreds of bony pieces, muscular connectors and cushioning tissue that help it perform correctly. However, when the spine is stretched in an unnatural way or compressed beyond its normal limits, it ceases to function properly. The pain can be excruciating, immediately apparent; or it can creep up on a body, sometimes appearing as a chronic condition months or even years after a traumatic accident or injury.

Whiplash is a Real Threat

The sudden forward and back jerking motion of the head and neck that occurs during auto collisions, football game tackles, or falls is commonly known as whiplash. It simulates the "cracking" of the end of a whip -- but, spines are not meant to move in that fashion.

Even though a person may not feel immediate ill effects, it is wise to schedule a chiropractic assessment following that kind of injury, no matter how minor it appears. Because spinal vertebrae are surrounded by soft tissue, they don't often crack and break, but tissue damage is real nonetheless, and misalignment of the cervical spine can cause headaches, nagging neck pain, or shooting pain along the length of the middle spine, or thoracic region. Occasionally the nerves that radiate through other parts of the body, along the arms and legs, may be affected as well.

Lack of severe pain following an accident or sports injury is a good sign, but not necessarily a cause for celebration. If you simply do nothing, there is always the risk that normal activity over the course of days, weeks or months may exacerbate any abnormality or "bruise," and cause more severe problems later on. Non-invasive chiropractic care in Portland is a preventive measure as well as a treatment. Our chiropractor will develop a personalized plan to mobilize your body's own healing powers.

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