Headache Treatment in Portland OR

Headaches and Migraines in Portland OR

If you are regularly suffering from headaches or migraines, it is likely you would like to find a treatment option that works in making the pain subside completely. Contacting Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC in Portland is an available option that may bring about positive results. Our chiropractor offers headache & migraine treatment without the use of invasive processes to get the job done. Here is some information about headaches to read over including some information about chiropractic care in Portland as a means to treat this condition.

Why People Get Headaches

Headaches or migraines could start for many reasons. If you were recently involved in a car accident or if you sustained a personal injury, headaches or migraines may be one of the symptoms associated with the incident. Some people don't get headaches for several days or weeks following this type of event, so it is important to be aware of them if they start suddenly. Poor lifestyle options, such as not eating or drinking regularly, not getting enough rest, or being in situations where stress is abundant can lead to headaches or migraines. Some people suffer from headaches or migraines as a result of another medical condition, so it is important to be checked by a family doctor if a personal injury is not the cause.

How To Avoid Headaches Or Migraines

Make sure you eat and drink regularly and on a schedule to help minimize the chance of headaches starting. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, take a break from the action and sit in a quiet place. Many people who suffer from migraines find that lying down in a darkened room without sound will help to relieve symptoms. When driving or riding in a vehicle, position your headrest centrally behind your head so it is protected against the possibility of whiplash. Refrain from using a cell phone too often to browse the Internet or text people, as this could lead to pain in the neck as well as headaches. Taking breaks from computer monitors and handheld devices is also important.

What Our Chiropractor Can Do To Help

Our chiropractor will ask you for any information you have available regarding previous treatment for headaches or migraines so there is a starting point for new treatment options to try. In many cases, using the power of spinal adjustments will help minimize discomfort quickly. This will release stress placed upon joints in the body, allowing for the circulatory system to work without restriction, thereby encouraging healing to occur.

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