Auto Injury Back Pain in Portland OR

Auto Injury Back Pain in Portland OR

As painful as it is to lose your prized automobile to the ravages of an auto accident, the ravages inflicted on your back may be even more painful. While whiplash rightly gets a lot of attention as an auto accident injury, back pain is another frequent consequence of these frightening events. The good news is that while your auto mechanic is repairing your vehicle, Portland Chiropractor Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC can help your back repair itself through chiropractic adjustments and other safe natural treatments.

How a Car Accident Causes Back Pain

The forces transferred to the human body in a car accident can affect the back in numerous ways, all of them potentially painful. Seat belt injuries are a common example. Today's cars are equipped with three-point seat belts that restrict the trunk's motion on one side but not the other, permitting one shoulder to fly forward on impact. This can cause severe twisting in the back, damaging muscles, ligaments and tendons to create soft tissue pain and stiffness. The twisting action can also strain the delicate facet joints that joint vertebrae together to enable spinal motion. The strain can force the internal parts of the joints out of alignment with other, making normal joint motion painful or impossible.

An auto accident can also have neurological effects on your spine. A jolt to the lumbar spine can dislodge the vertebrae so that one lies in an abnormally forward position on top of another. This condition, known as spondylolisthesis, can pinch nerve tissues in and around the spinal canal, causing not only back pain but also referred pain and other symptoms in the lower extremities. The same jolt can dislodge a vertebral disc so that it herniates, causing extreme pain as the nerve-rich outer casing of the disc is torn. If the disc's inner material presses against the sciatic nerves roots, you may experience low back pain as well as buttock or leg pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Other Natural Solutions

Dr. Samantha Stuart, DC can evaluate your spine to determine the full extent and exact nature of your injury. This is a critical step to take even if you don't necessarily feel badly injured, because some symptoms can be delayed in the rush of adrenaline that follows an auto accident.

Once our chiropractor has made a precise diagnosis, you may undergo a variety of safe, non-surgical treatment methods to relieve that back pain and facilitate the healing process. For instance, chiropractic adjustments can return vertebral discs and facet joints to their normal alignment, relieving joint stiffness and neurological symptoms. At the same time, soft tissue techniques such as massage therapy and cold laser therapy can relieve muscle and connective tissue pain and inflammation, while physical therapy helps you rehab those injured tissues back to health.

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